EP² provides complete power management systems for commercial and utility industries including control enclosures, protective relay panels, and control systems for power generation, transmission, and distribution. Design and manufacturing expertise, combined with the pride our employees add to EP² products, allow us to provide equipment that meets the most demanding customer specifications and industry standards.

Vertical Switchboard

A control switchboard open on the top, bottom, and sides. Vertical Switchboards are the most economical structure and allow for efficient use of floor space. Custom Vertical Switchboards are tailored to meet customer specifications with “panel front” designs, “rack front” designs or combination “rack and panel front” designs.

Open and Closed Cubicle

A control switchboard with front equipment mounting provisions and enclosed sides and top. Optional rear swing rack or door for additional equipment mounting, security and safety while allowing easy access to equipment wiring and cabling.

Duplex Switchboard

A control switchboard consisting of panels placed back-to-back and enclosed with a top and ends. An aisle with protective entry doors and lighting allows for easy and safe access to the wiring and cabling while limiting air and dust flow through the tunnel structure. Custom Duplex Switchboards with open ends allow the same easy access to component wiring.


An assembly enclosed on all sides with one or multiple doors or swing racks. Cabinet designs offer increased space for mounting of both interior and exterior equipment. “Panel Mount” and “Rack Mount” designs are easily tailored to meet custom design requirements and multiple NEMA ratings for indoor or outdoor use.