EP² provides complete power management systems for commercial and utility industries including control enclosures, protective relay panels, and control systems for power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Design and manufacturing expertise, combined with the pride our employees add to EP² products, allow us to provide equipment that meets the most demanding customer specifications and industry standards.

The quality of every EP2 Employee is evident in the products we produce. Products that display the careful attention to detail and pride necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

Terry Nelson, Founder

Relay Panels

EP2 can manufacture Dual Switchboard, Duplex Switchboard, Vertical Switchboard, and Cabinet designs. Our standard “rack front” and custom designs allow our customers flexibility in meeting current and future equipment needs while our careful attention to detail provides the quality expected by our customers and employees.

Control Enclosures

Our ability to provide enclosures allows us to supply our customers with complete “drop in” control systems that are ready to fulfill the customer’s requirements upon delivery.

Renewable Energy Equipment

EP2 has been providing relay panels and complete control enclosures to wind farm facilities for several years. We supply equipment for medium voltage collector stations as well as the HV or EHV requirements for interconnection facilities.

Quality Wiring

Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that EP2 panels are built and wired to meet and exceed the systematic guidelines of our rigorous Quality Assurance Process.

Quality Assurance & Testing

EP² employs the strictest Quality Assurance & Testing procedures on all projects, and will work with you to deliver custom and flexible options for any application. With quality checkpoints after each production department and a final fully integrated function test to the design schematics, you can be assured EP2 will deliver a quality product that meets your requirements from delivery.

Manufacturing Excellence

In-depth planning, detailed projected schedules, and modern manufacturing management systems ensure that products are built to customer specifications and are delivered on time. We boast a seasoned, trained workforce that takes great pride in the quality of their work. EP2 brings a total team effort to each and every customer project, and you can be confident that your product will be built in the safest manner possible, to the highest quality standards, and delivered on time.